A Billboard campaign produced for The Phone Book designed to catch people's attention and increase public awareness of The Phone Book, and also remind them of the dependable resource and simplicity of the product. After a successful trial the same design was used over several other UK regional campaigns on Billboards and Advans.

Please use the arrows to navigate through a few alternate designs that I created before the final piece was chosen.

  • final artwork
  • design
  • final artwork
  • design


Three different phonebox campaigns produced for The Phone Book. The brief was very open as I was supplied only with copy and nothing more. I came up with the spotlight concept, which illustrates what The Phone Book can actually provide to businesses. The aim is to show that a customer's business can really stand out from their competition with The Phone Book. One campaign was aimed at businesses and the others were aimed at the end user.


A few logo designs produced for a new voice over internet protocol services company. The final chosen logo symbolises three people linking arms. This creates a triangular connection which I felt was more indicative of modern communication - no longer is conversation only 2 way.


Logo design for an internal area of BT tasked with moving things forward and making a change for the better.

label designs

Some various designs for highlighting the new sections now included in The Phone Book. The bottom left peeling circular label was used for 1 year of all 168 published directories.

broadsheet ads

This advert for 118500 was produced to tie in with the message from recent television ads. It ran in the Sports Life supplement of The Telegraph, therefore it was designed to reflect it's context. This ad was run multiple times in national newspapers including The Telegraph and The Guardian.

Please use the arrows to view some alternate original concepts I created for possible use in this campaign.

  • Need a Number Fast?
  • Quicker Over the Line
  • 500 in a Flash
  • 118 Plus 500 = The Answer
  • The Famous 500


I have been designing advertisements for the biggest directory names including The Phone Book, Yellow Pages and Yellow Book USA for over 7 years. I also worked on more high profile campaigns such as this one for BT Vision. Shown here is a range of designs intended for use in a Phone Book advertising campaign.

Please use the arrows to navigate through a number of other directory advert examples.

direct marketing

These are two pieces of direct mail concepts I created for possible use in a campaign. The brief was extremely open as there wasn't any specific copy provided for this, only a message. Their intention was to bring in new business by showcasing new competitively priced products which in a sense, would enable new businesses to get their foot in the door of their customers.

electronic dm

I have been creating HTML email marketing materials for BT Directories since early 2011. Here are some examples of those that I have produced. The email templates are created using tabled layouts in HTML to ensure best cross-platform compatability. My job is to try and create an interesting, modern piece of creative in keeping with the BT brand that will help generate new business. I also assist with the testing and delivery of these type of communications.

Live example here.

  • Concept Heating
  • The Hundred Handed
  • Frontend design of
  • Go Eco Homes
  • Abertoir Horror Festival
  • Realm to Realm
  • Roger Bayliss Transmissions
  • Specials Woodturning

website design

Shown here is my design for which has been in use on the live site since 2009. Also shown are a few internal BT intranet based projects as well as a selection of other websites I've created on a freelance basis.

You can navigate using the arrows to see further website examples. To view live sites please click on their thumbnails. I utilise a range of website creation methods from hand-coding HTML to building templates for Wordpress or Joomla! based websites, examples of all of these are present here.

Though not a Javascript or php developer, I am very comfortable with integrating existing solutions based on these technologies in to websites in order to benefit from the functionality they provide.

  • Camel illustration for a BT sponsored charity fundraiser
  • christmas card design crazy santa and reindeer
  • illustration of an emergency man
  • illustration of a gardener
  • illustration of a car wash
  • illustration for TV Guy
  • designers at work illustrations
  • caricature illustrations
  • UFO and alien illustration


This is a selection of my commercial illustration work, please use the arrows to navigate through the examples.

For my self initiated illustration work please see my main illustration page here.


A course listing brochure with supplements for the South Birmingham College.

flash as3

These Flash banners were produced for The Phone Book using Flash CS5 in Actionscript 3. I decided to recycle a concept I created for a recent Phone Box campaign that was running at the same time. I thought the spotlight device would work quite well in animated form. The message was also similar as the banners were targeting new startup businesses.

Please note these banners are coded to stop after 3 loops as according to spec. To restart them please refresh your browser (press F5).